Data Visualization & IT Analytics

Advanced Analytics for deeper insight into your Data

Powerful data visualization and analytics software that transforms your IT data into insightful reports and dashboards in minutes to help you make better decisions, faster. Advanced analytics for deeper insight into your IT. Bring your data to life with rich visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Connect and upload with ease

Import from various sources including, files, URL feeds, and SQL or cloud databases to transform data into insightful reports.

In-depth KPI analysis

Build insightful reports and dashboards that use powerful visualizations to identify patterns and anomalies. Drill down to specific metrics to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Easy to use interface

Visualization variety

Smart dashboards

Powerful formula engine

Share and collaborate

Let your data do the talking. You can easily share reports across your organization with our intuitive export,embed, and publish options.

Fine-grained access control

Print and email

Publish and embed reports

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